11 paź 2009

Miley Cyrus leaving Twitter is still on  

Billy Ray Cyrus chce Miley z powrotem na twitterze, a Miley postanowia jemu i nam swoje odejście wyjaśnić rap-klipem

No comments, just lol.

Yeah the rumors are true

I deleted my Twitter

Can you believe it

I got to two million

Then I said adios

I had to say goodbye

And this little rap is to tell my fans why

(booty shaking)

No it wasn't because my friend told me to

Y'all know very well what you say I don't do

And the reasons are simple, I started tweeting about pimples ( i było ok!)

I stopped living for moments and started living for people (i to też było ok!)

Yeah you write what you're doing

But who really cares (jak to ku*wa kto? JA!)

If I'm playing with Noah or just doing my hair (no i ja chcę to wiedzieć!)

Everything that I type

And everything that I do (i tak zostać powinno!)

All those lame gossip sites ("lame"! czyli nie my.)

Take it and they make it news

I want my private life private (oj już, takie gadanie!)

I'm done trying to please

I ain't living for tabloids, no

I'm living for me

No more emo quotes (ale ja je kochałam!)

And fake feuds with Demi (jak to fake!? jak to fake!?)

Yeah I'm done with all that

And the truth is I'm too busy

Yeah I gotta admit

I miss Dane Cook's tweets (Twitter - Dane Cook - follow)

And I really like looking at Katy Perry and Britney (bosh przecież one są mega nudne)

On my house phone withdrawls

I was a little obsessed

But I'm peacing out

And I'm leaving with this


uh uh


And there you have it..

UPDATE: Coś mi się widzi, że ja też skasuje Twittera. Miley i jej argumenty zaczynają do mnie trafiać. Damn damn damn u Miley Cyrus!
Ztestujcie ostatnią reakcję Miley na swoje własne odejście z twittera: Nienawidzę Cię Miley Cyrus, bo dorastasz i mądrzejesz!


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